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Poland Plug Type (Type E/F) UK to Poland travel adapter USB C

Featured Product: Poland Plug Type   Introducing the UK to Poland Travel Adapter, expertly designed to keep your devices powered and connected during your travels. Featuring a total of 3 USB ports and 1 USB C port, this versatile adapter ensures that you can charge multiple...


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Worldwide Plug Adaptor Types

Worldwide Plug Adaptor Types


New Zealand

Visit picturesque New Zealand The land of Kiwi and the Maori, rich in culture and heritage. New Zealand offers something for everyone. From adventure activities,...

Malaysia malaysia george town malaysia laksa malaysia twin tower

A full holiday itinerary awaits in Malaysia  Malaysia has something to offer travellers of every preference. Whether you need to escape a busy work schedule...

Wyndham Alltra Cancun All Inclusive Resort

Wyndham Alltra Cancun All-Inclusive Resort If you're looking for a luxurious all-inclusive resort in a beautiful setting, Wyndham Alltra Cancun is a perfect choice. The resort...

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Spain Plug Type (Type C/E/F) – Travel Adapter

In Spain, the electrical outlets use a Type C or F plug, which is also commonly referred to as a Schuko plug. This plug type...

London, England – United Kingdom

Once a Roman city of around one square mile, modern Greater London is a vast and sprawling city that encompasses not only a large urban area but many surrounding suburban communities. It also includes large green parks and open spaces. As a vibrant multicultural metropolis, London is full of as many different people as it is different experiences. As one of the world’s leading major cities, it’s an internationally-renowned centre of culture, music, fashion, and more, making it not only a great place to live, but also a fantastic holiday destination.


Journey to Cyprus, a jewel in the Mediterranean Cyprus is situated in the eastern Mediterranean and needs to be discovered by any traveller that values history,...

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Ricks Cafe Negril Jamaica

My wife and I had the privilege of going to Ricks Cafe in Jamaica back in 2017. For whatever reason, I chose to write about it.  It is one of the experiences that has stuck with me.  I even have the flag on my Facebook page to boast that I have been there and done that.  Almost like the famous Jamaican advert that was running...


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