Venezuela, what a beauty – a tick off the bucket list

From pristine beaches, world-class dive sites and majestic national parks, Venezuela is a country to visit if you need to recharge your batteries, get in touch with nature or take advantage of amazing summer weather. There are also a number of great churches to frequent and children will be delighted to know there is a Children’s Museum in Caracas, where they can learn about science and technology. This is brilliant for some family fun.

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Head to Venezuela which promises to be a holiday filled with relaxation, fun and surprises around every corner.

Food to try on your holiday

The Venezuelans really now there stuff when it comes to preparing delicious cuisine. The food is flavorful and your holiday just gets better as you make your way through an array of dishes, many of which have French and Spanish influences.

  • Arepas: Crispy bread made from flour or dough. It is eaten either for breakfast (stuffed with egg) or served with meat at dinner time. It’s eaten daily around Venezuela.
  • Pisca Andina: A chicken broth mixed with potato and egg. Sometimes cheese and milk is also incorporated into the dish.
  • Pabellón criollo: A traditional dish in Venezuela, made of shredded beef, black beans and rice. Sometimes an egg is placed on top.

Scuba divers ahoy!

Grab your scuba tanks and head to some of the world’s best diving spots. There are countless islands for divers to explore. Margarita Island off Venezuela, located on the Caribbean Sea is a superb place to dive. There is an array of fish, coral and sea life that will intrigue every scuba diving enthusiast. Another popular dive location is Los Roques, where angel fish, rays, parrot fish and other exotic marine life await you. Los Roques is classified as one of the best dive spots in the world. Have your choice of a shallow or deep dive to explore caves and reefs. Don’t miss out on the well-known stone of Guaza, which is a mountain under the ocean.

Things to do in Venezuela

  • Angel Falls: This is the highest waterfall in the world and drops 979 meters from Auyán-tepu Mountain. Angel Falls is situated in Canaima National Park, which has an array of wildlife. There is an airstrip where visitors land at the park, hop on a 4-hour boat trip and then you hike your way up through the jungle to Angel Falls. There are also other waterfalls around the main attraction for you to see. Yes, it may seem like a long trek to get to Angel Falls, but who else will be able to say they’ve been to the highest waterfall in the world. A true natural wonder that must not be missed.
  • National Pantheon of Venezula: Formally a church, it became the National Pantheon in 1875. The Pantheon makes for great photographs. This national mausoleum situated in Caracas, is the final resting place for various prominent Venezuelans, including Simón Bolivar, who helped liberate Venezuela from Spanish rule. There are works of art to see from the 1930s and there is a huge chandelier with over 230 lights. Don’t miss the impressive changing of the guard while you’re at the Pantheon.
  • Waterland: Ever wanted to swim with dolphins? Make this dream come true at Waterland situated in Porlamar. The waterpark is filled with different slides and will help you escape the heat of the day. It’s a brilliant place for a family outing.
  • El Yaque Beach: Constant wind equals windsurfing and kitesurfing paradise, which El Yaque Beach is known for. If you are keen to get into this sport, classes are held often. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro. This is a wonderful beach to visit that is not too crowded. The ocean here is clear blue and not too deep, which makes it ideal for children to swim. There are plenty bars and restaurants to grab a bite to eat and quench your thirst after catching a tan. Accommodation in El Yaque varies from hotels, inns and houses to rent.
  • La Llovizna National Park: This beautiful national park is the perfect place to visit if you are a lover of nature. If you feel like a walk, choose from the many trails to get the and even spot some monkeys and see the park’s many waterfalls. If you’re keen, rent a kayak and get close up to the waterfalls – what an adventure! This park is a must-visit while you are in Venezuela.
  • Mount Roraima: A mountain so great it has even served as inspiration for writers like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel “The Lost World”. No matter if you’re a natural lover or not, it’s highly recommended that you visit Mount Roraima and it will probably be one of the best hikes you ever go on. One of the oldest rock formations on earth, it can take you at least 4 or 5 days to trek up the mountain with its fascinating cliffs. There are guided hikes up the mountain for those expeditioners at heart. The weather changes often as you make your way to the top, so kit yourself up with a raincoat, hat and sunscreen. Be prepared to be blown away by breathtaking views.
  • Mochima National Park: Discover fish in the ocean, take a boat along the crystal clear waters or relax on the beach and bask in the sunlight. Mochima National Park is a good place to relax and unwind on your holiday. Be sure to visit Playa Colorada, which is easily accessible by boat. This beach boast everything from good snorkel spots, cliffs and fishing trips that will keep you entertained. There are also guided hikes where you can explore the national park.
  • Basilica de Nuestra Senora de Chiquinquira: A must-see while you are in Maracaibo. This beautiful old church boasts brilliant architecture both inside and outside. There is a wonderful park in front of the basilica with a unique statue of the Virgin Mary. There are little shops in the area for souvenirs. Visitors to this region should also head to Maracaibo Lake, which is serene and a popular attraction for tourists. The lake is a good place for a picnic.


Venezuela for tourists

Situated at the top of South America, Venezuela is a beautiful country full of diverse landscapes. From lush jungles to snow-covered mountain tops, Venezuela’s unique geography provides the perfect setting for exploration and adventure.

Travelers here will find a rich cultural history, with vibrant festivals and unique art and cuisine. Traditional dishes like the arepa—a corn-based patty—are ubiquitous in restaurants and street stalls alike, and a great way to experience the local flavors. Visitors can also explore the old colonial cities, still bearing the architecture and influence of their Spanish founders.

Explore the Caribbean Coast

The Caribbean Coast is an adventurer’s paradise, full of rich history and stunning beaches. On Margarita Island, visitors can enjoy the pristine white sand, soak in the sun, and go for a dip in the crystal clear waters. For a unique experience, tourists can venture to Los Roques, a series of picturesque islets, with snorkeling, sailing, and fishing opportunities. Finally, a visit to La Guaira allows tourists to explore the historical sites, such as the old fortifications, and get a glimpse into the past.

Visit the Beaches of Margarita Island

Venturing off the mainland of Venezuela, a visit to the beaches of Margarita Island is a must. With its vibrant blue waters and soft white sand, it is the perfect place to relax and soak up the Caribbean sun. The waters of the island are home to a rich variety of marine life, from colorful coral reefs to playful dolphins.

One of the most popular destinations on the island is Playa El Agua; it’s stunning beauty and tranquil atmosphere make it the perfect spot for a romantic getaway. This beach is also home to plenty of activities, such as kayaking, snorkeling, and windsurfing. With its crystal clear waters and picturesque sunsets, it is the ideal spot for a day of fun in the sun.

For the more adventurous traveler, a visit to the nearby island of Coche is a must. Here, visitors can explore the pristine waters by snorkeling and scuba diving, or simply relax on the beach and admire the stunning views. With its stunning coral reefs, vibrant marine life, and idyllic atmosphere, Coche is an ideal destination for a day of exploration and relaxation.

Explore the Islands of Los Roques

Leaving the mainland behind, vacationers can take a short plane ride to the stunning islands of Los Roques. Home to some of the most beautiful beaches and reefs in the Caribbean, Los Roques is the perfect destination for those seeking seclusion and natural beauty.

Crystal-clear waters lap against pristine white sands, while colorful fish dart through the shallow waters. The islands are known for their coral reefs, which provide a safe haven for a variety of marine life. Visitors can snorkel or take a glass-bottom boat tour to explore the ocean’s depths. For the adventurous, kayaking and sailing are also popular activities.

The islands are also home to a variety of wildlife, such as pelicans, frigate birds, and iguanas. With a few hours of exploration, visitors can spot a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat. Los Roques is a paradise for nature lovers, with its lush tropical vegetation, spectacular sunsets, and stunning views. A trip to the islands is a must for anyone seeking a true Caribbean experience.

Tour the Historic Sites of La Guaira

Leaving the tranquil shores of Margarita Island and the picturesque islands of Los Roques, we now come to La Guaira – a bustling port city full of rich culture and history. Touring the historic sites of La Guaira is a great way to explore the city and its unique heritage.

The first stop on our tour of La Guaira’s history is the Torre del Vigia, or Watchtower. This ancient structure stands tall atop a hill, overlooking the city and the Caribbean Sea. Built in the 1700s, the watchtower was used to spot ships entering the port and protect the city from invaders. Today, it is a popular attraction and a great place to watch the sunset.

Another important historic site in La Guaira is Iglesia de San Francisco. This beautiful church is said to have been built in the late 1500s and is still in operation today. With its magnificent architecture and tranquil atmosphere, Iglesia de San Francisco is a must-visit for those who want to explore the city’s deep religious roots.

From ancient watchtowers to beautiful churches, La Guaira is a great place to explore the history and culture of the Caribbean. Touring the city’s historic sites is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Visit the Ancient City of Caracas

Discover the centuries-old architecture of the city’s historic centers, from grandiose churches to colorful cobblestone streets. Admire breathtaking views of Avila National Park, a natural paradise located at the base of the city. Experience the city’s vibrant nightlife and shopping culture, with many activities available day and night.

Explore the City’s Historic Centers

Leaving the Caribbean Coast behind, the next destination on your journey is the ancient city of Caracas. Rich with history and culture, the city’s historic centers offer an array of unique experiences for travelers.

Begin your exploration of Caracas with a visit to the Simon Bolivar Square, the city’s most iconic landmark. Here, you can delve into the city’s remarkable revolutionary history and meander through the stunningly preserved architecture. As you wander through the impressive colonial buildings, you can admire the intricate details of the Baroque and Neoclassical designs.

The highlights of the square include the National Pantheon and the National Library. The Pantheon is home to the tombs of prominent Venezuelan figures, such as Simon Bolivar. Inside the library, you can explore the vast collection of books and artifacts housed in its grandiose hallways.

No visit to Caracas is complete without taking in the breathtaking views of Avila National Park. Perched atop a mountain overlooking the city, the park is a stunning escape from the hustle and bustle of the city below. Take a cable car up to the peak of the mountain and enjoy a peaceful walk through the park’s lush vegetation and get a glimpse of the city skyline.

Take in the Breathtaking Views of Avila National Park

Leaving the Caribbean Coast behind, the next stop in Caracas is the breathtaking views of Avila National Park. Located just outside the city, the park is a perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the urban life.

The evergreen mountain range of Avila National Park is a sight to behold. With its unique combination of lush greenery, misty clouds, and clear blue skies, the park provides a peaceful respite from the noise and chaos of the city. Take a walk along one of the trails, and you’ll be able to appreciate the serenity of the tranquil surroundings.

The views from the top of the mountain are mesmerizing. As the sun sets, the sky is illuminated with a stunning array of colors. The mountain is also home to some interesting wildlife, so be sure to bring your binoculars to catch a glimpse of some of the animals. Whether you’re looking for a quiet escape or an exciting adventure, Avila National Park is the perfect destination.

Enjoy the City’s Nightlife and Shopping

After exploring the Caribbean Coast, the next destination is the ancient city of Caracas, Venezuela. Caracas is a vibrant city where visitors can enjoy a variety of activities both day and night. For a night on the town, Caracas is the place to be.

The city’s nightlife is full of life and activity. From small intimate bars to larger clubs, the city offers a variety of entertainment to suit any taste. Many of the establishments offer live music, DJ’s spinning the latest tunes, and delicious food. In addition, the city is known for its thriving salsa clubs where visitors can learn to dance or simply enjoy the performances.

Shopping in Caracas is an exciting adventure. From traditional markets to modern malls, the city has something for everyone. Visitors can purchase local handicrafts, art pieces, and clothing from the street vendors, or browse the latest designer items in the larger stores. The city’s bustling atmosphere allows visitors to experience the culture and life of Caracas, while finding unique items to take home.

From salsa clubs to souvenirs, Caracas is an exciting city to explore. With its vibrant nightlife and shopping opportunities, Caracas is the perfect destination for an unforgettable experience.

Trek Through the Andes Mountains

Venturing through the Andes Mountains, travelers explore the wonders of Pico Bolivar National Park, trekking through its lush foliage and thriving wildlife. Ancient ruins of Ciudad Bolivar from the time of Spanish colonization offer a captivating glimpse into the past. Finally, a captivating summit of Mount Roraima presents a challenge and an unparalleled view of the landscape.

Hike Through the Pico Bolivar National Park

Leaving the hustle and bustle of Caracas behind, travelers can embark on a journey to the Pico Bolivar National Park. This picturesque park is located in the Cordillera de la Costa mountain range, and is home to lush vegetation, diverse wildlife and breathtaking views.

The main attraction of this park is the variety of trails that allow for a variety of hiking experiences. From leisurely trails that meander through a valley of wildflowers to more rugged trails that ascend the mountains, hikers of all abilities can find something to suit their needs. The trails are well-marked providing a sense of security as well as a chance to explore the serenity of the park.

The air in the park is crisp and clean, providing the perfect environment for a day of exploration. As hikers make their way along the trails, they will be rewarded with stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Whether hiking through the woodlands or up to a mountain peak, the beauty of the park will be an unforgettable experience.

Explore the Ancient Ruins of Ciudad Bolivar

After exploring the ancient city of Caracas, take the next adventure to explore the ancient ruins of Ciudad Bolivar. Lying at the heart of the Orinoco Delta, this city is a world heritage site offering a unique glimpse into the past. Wander through the narrow streets of the old city, taking in the sights and sounds of a living history, as you explore the Colonial-era architecture.

The ancient city of Ciudad Bolivar is an incredible sight to behold. The streets are lined with old colonial-style buildings, and the city’s churches and monuments are a reminder of the rich history and culture of the area. Take a guided tour of the city and explore its many temples, churches, and ruins. Discover the bustling marketplaces, with vendors selling everything from fresh produce and handmade crafts to traditional clothes and souvenirs.

Meander through the cobblestone streets of the old city and visit the interesting museums and galleries that line the streets. Learn about the history of the city and its people, and explore the interesting art and culture that surrounds it. Discover the vibrant culture of Ciudad Bolivar and immerse yourself in its captivating history and culture. From ancient ruins to vibrant markets, Ciudad Bolivar is an ideal destination for anyone looking to explore the past.

Climb to the Summit of Mt. Roraima

Leaving the ancient city of Caracas behind, adventurers can embark on an unforgettable journey to the summit of Mt. Roraima. Standing at 9,219 feet, the peak of this awe-inspiring mountain offers incredible panoramic views of Venezuela, Guyana, and Brazil. To reach the summit, climbers must traverse through lush rainforest, ascend steep inclines, and navigate rocky terrains.

The journey to the summit of Mt. Roraima is no walk in the park. It requires a great deal of physical and mental fortitude. However, the effort is rewarded with breathtaking views of untouched nature. The mountain is full of unique plants and animals, including the iconic Roraima pebble toad. Along the way, adventurers may even spot jaguars and giant anteaters.

The summit of Mt. Roraima provides a glimpse of the untouched beauty of the Venezuelan wilderness. From the peak, climbers can view the vastness of the Amazon Rainforest and the majestic river below. Reaching the summit is a unique experience that is sure to be remembered for a lifetime.

Discover the Amazon Rainforest

Exploring the Amazon Rainforest can be an unforgettable experience. Cruise the rivers of the Delta, observe the local wildlife in their natural habitats, and gain an insight into the remote indigenous communities living in the heart of the jungle. Discover the wonders of the Amazon Rainforest, and uncover its many secrets.

Learn About the Local Wildlife

Having conquered the Andes Mountains, it was time to embark on a new journey and explore the Amazon Rainforest. Here, the local wildlife is diverse and fascinating, providing a unique opportunity to take in the natural beauty of the region.

The Amazon Rainforest is home to an array of animals, from the iconic pink dolphins to vibrant parrots and toucans. The sound of the rainforest is an orchestra of birds chirping, monkeys howling, and insects buzzing. The opportunity to observe these creatures in their natural habitat is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Visitors can join guided tours that will take them to the heart of the rainforest. Here, they will be able to learn more about the local wildlife, such as the endangered species of jaguar and the giant anteater. Professional guides will provide insight on the behavior and habits of the animals, making it a truly educational and unforgettable experience.

Cruise Through the Rivers of the Delta

Leaving the majestic Andes Mountains behind, the next step of your adventure is to cruise through the rivers of the Delta. As you sail through the waters, you’ll be serenaded by the songs of the birds that fly overhead. The gleaming river is surrounded by lush rainforest, with trees reaching up to the sky and a multitude of exotic plants and flowers that create a vibrant landscape.

The surrounding area is full of life, with a variety of animals roaming and swimming in the river. Monkeys can be seen playing in the treetops, while freshwater dolphins splash in the waters below. The river is also home to a variety of fish, reptiles, and amphibians, and you might even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of an elusive sloth or two.

The Delta provides a unique opportunity to observe the diversity of the Amazon firsthand. As you take in the sights and sounds of your surroundings, you’ll feel as if you’ve truly stepped into a different world. The experience of cruising through the Delta is sure to leave you with a lasting impression that you’ll never forget.

Visit the Remote Indigenous Communities

Leaving the Andes Mountains behind, the next stop of the journey was to visit the remote indigenous communities of the Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon Rainforest sprawls across nine countries, and is one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet.

The journey to these remote communities was nothing short of unbelievable. The untouched, green forest stretched as far as the eye could see, and the winding rivers were framed with foliage. Along the way, curious monkeys and exotic birds could be seen looking down from the trees, their bright colors showing against the vibrant green of the forest.

The remote villages were small and spread out, with simple, thatched-roof huts scattered among the trees. The locals were warm and inviting, and the life they lived was incredibly simple and honest. They shared stories about their culture and history, and explained why they chose to live in these remote, peaceful places. It was a beautiful and humbling experience, and one that will stay with the travelers for a lifetime.

Tour the Colonial Cities

Meandering the cobblestone streets of Mérida, one is met with the beautiful colonial architecture that is characteristic of its historic center. Admirers of art and culture alike can explore the many museums of Barquisimeto, which provide an insight into the city’s past. Finally, a visit to the captivating city of Trujillo is not to be missed, with its winding alleyways and awe-inspiring colonial monuments.

Explore the Streets of Mérida

Leaving the thick foliage of the Amazon behind, a journey to Mérida offers a unique opportunity to explore the streets of this fascinating city. With its cobblestone streets and vibrant, colorful buildings, Mérida’s picturesque downtown area is a must-see. The city is filled with examples of colonial architecture, as well as a variety of cultural and historical sites that provide insight into the city’s past.

Visitors to Mérida can stroll through the downtown area and take in the sights and sounds of the city. The streets are lined with shops, restaurants, and street vendors selling an array of goods, from handmade crafts to local foods. There are also a myriad of cafes, bars, and clubs that offer a lively atmosphere and great music. The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption is one of the city’s most impressive sites, with its Baroque façade and towering spires.

A visit to Mérida would not be complete without exploring the city’s many museums. From the Museum of Science and Technology to the Museum of Natural History, visitors can learn about the city’s history and culture. There are also several art galleries that showcase the work of local and international artists. With so much to see and experience, Mérida is an ideal destination for those looking to explore the streets of this charming city.

Visit the Museums of Barquisimeto

Leaving the lush, vibrant greenery of the Amazon Rainforest, a journey to Barquisimeto takes explorers from the wilds of nature to the carefully curated halls of the city’s museums. Located in the northwestern region of Venezuela, Barquisimeto is a vibrant and dynamic city with a wealth of cultural experiences to offer.

At the Barquisimeto Museum of Art, visitors take a step into the world of Venezuelan heritage through a mix of traditional and contemporary artwork. The museum’s collection includes pieces from some of the country’s most renowned artists, including modernist works and traditional sculptural pieces. With each piece, a sense of the city’s rich history and culture becomes apparent.

Also located in the city is the Barquisimeto Museum of History and Anthropology. Here, visitors can delve into the stories of Barquisimeto’s past, from its earliest days as a settlement to its present-day status as a bustling Venezuelan city. With artifacts, photographs, and historical documents, the museum provides a detailed look at the city’s evolution. Through its exhibits, visitors also gain a greater understanding of Venezuelan culture.

By exploring the museums of Barquisimeto, visitors can gain a unique and powerful insight into Venezuela’s past and present. Whether strolling through the Barquisimeto Museum of Art or delving into the Barquisimeto Museum of History and Anthropology, visitors are sure to have a memorable experience.

Wander Through the Historic Centers of Trujillo

Having explored the Amazon Rainforest, let us now wander through the historic centers of Trujillo. This beautiful Venezuelan city is a rich tapestry of colonial heritage. Its streets, lined with buildings from the days of Spanish rule, make it an ideal destination to discover a piece of history.

The historic center of Trujillo is filled with old-world charm. The cobblestone streets lead visitors to the bustling Plaza Bolívar, where locals often gather to celebrate their heritage. The plaza is dotted with brightly-colored colonial buildings, each adorned with intricate wrought-iron balconies. Everywhere, the sounds of Venezuelan music playing from shops and restaurants can be heard.

The city is also home to a number of colorful churches and cathedrals, many of which date back to the 16th century. Take a stroll through the streets and marvel at the architecture of the many churches, all of which are adorned with colorful frescoes and stained-glass windows. The city’s many parks and plazas are also highlights, offering a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Climb the Majestic Mount Roraima

Climbing the majestic Mount Roraima is a memorable experience that rewards adventurers with spectacular views and thrilling activities. Hike through the summit plateau and explore the cascading waterfalls and canyons as you ascend the trails of this towering mountain. Reach the summit and take in the ethereal beauty of this renowned mountain.

Hike Through the Summit Plateau

Leaving the colonial cities behind, the journey to Mount Roraima begins. The majestic mountain lies ahead, waiting to be explored. Hiking through the summit plateau of Mount Roraima is an experience that cannot be replicated.

The summit plateau is a vast, flat area of grassy savannas surrounded by cliffs. The clouds swirl around in the sky, creating a breathtaking view. The sun radiates off of the cliffs, and the sound of the wind is soothing. The grassy savannas are filled with various species of birds and mammals that create a symphony of sound. The air is crisp and fresh, and the atmosphere is tranquil.

The summit plateau is also home to many unique geological formations and plants. The rocks are scattered throughout the plateau, and the vegetation is lush and green. The area is a perfect place to take a break from the hike and appreciate nature. The atmosphere is filled with peace and serenity, making it the perfect spot for a picnic or a leisurely stroll.

Hiking through the summit plateau of Mount Roraima is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. Its unique topography and vast biodiversity make it a breathtaking place to explore. You will never forget the feeling of being surrounded by nature and feeling the power of the majestic mountain.

Explore the Waterfalls and Canyons

Taking a sharp left turn from the colonial cities, we find ourselves deep in the heart of the Venezuelan jungle, ready to explore the majestic Mount Roraima. The first stop on our journey is to traverse the summit plateau and explore the waterfalls and canyons that line its path.

As we slowly make our way up the plateau, the waterfall’s thunderous roar grows louder and louder until it’s almost deafening. On the way we spot the grand cascades of Salto Angel, a nearly 3,000-foot plunge, and marvel at its sheer power. We also take a few moments to explore the narrow canyons, especially the aptly named Canyon of Crystal, which has walls of quartz that seem to glimmer in the sunlight.

We also come across a variety of wildlife and exotic plants that thrive in the humid climate of the plateau. We take the time to observe the unique shapes and colors of the different species before us, and may even take a few photos to capture the moment. We also get the chance to admire the beauty of the numerous waterfalls during our journey, as well as the stunning views of the surrounding forest and mountains.

All these wonders of nature only serve to further fuel our excitement as we continue on our journey and approach our destination – the summit of Mount Roraima.

Climb to the Summit of Mount Roraima

Leaving the colonial cities behind, the next incredible adventure is to climb to the summit of the majestic Mount Roraima. Nestled in the majestic granite mountains of the Guiana Highlands, this flat-top mountain has been a part of local mythology since ancient times and is a true wonder of nature.

The journey to the summit of Mount Roraima is not for the faint of heart. It is a steep and sometimes treacherous climb, but the view from the top makes it all worth it. The summit plateau is a unique ecosystem unlike any other in the world. It is home to an array of rare plants, some of which are only found here. The summit plateau is also home to many species of birds and animals, making it a nature lover’s paradise.

At the summit, the view is breathtaking. From the top, one can see the vast expanse of South America, with its lush rainforests, towering waterfalls, and meandering rivers. On a clear day, the view from the summit can stretch beyond the horizon. As the sun sets, the panoramic view of the land below creates an unforgettable experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Visit the National Parks

From the lush landscapes of Canaima National Park to the breathtaking trails of Sierra Nevada National Park, exploring the national parks of Venezuela is a journey of discovery. With diverse flora and fauna, Henri Pittier National Park is a haven for birdwatchers and butterfly enthusiasts.

Explore the Wildlife of Canaima National Park

After conquering the majestic Mount Roraima, the next challenge awaits – to explore the wonders of Venezuela’s national parks. One of the most popular parks is Canaima National Park, located in the southeastern corner of the country. Here, visitors can explore the stunning wildlife of this park and discover its exotic flora and fauna.

The park is home to many species of birds and animals including toucans, parrots, macaws, and monkeys. In addition, visitors will find an abundance of reptiles, butterflies, and frogs. The lush greenery of the park is also home to many palm trees, orchids, and bromeliads.

Canaima National Park is also a great place for outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. The trails of the park offer visitors a chance to explore the rainforest and its amazing wildlife. The Sierra de la Neblina is the largest mountain in the park and is a great place to take a hike. Here, visitors will find spectacular views of the surrounding rainforest and the majestic Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world.

In Canaima National Park, visitors can experience a true immersion in the rainforest’s natural beauty, with its diverse flora and fauna. It’s a perfect spot for nature lovers who want to explore the park’s incredible wildlife and take in its breathtaking scenery.

Take A Hike in the Sierra Nevada National Park

Having conquered the majestic mount of Roraima, the next natural destination for the adventurous explorer is to visit the national parks of Venezuela. One such park is the Sierra Nevada National Park, a breathtaking sight of green, wild lands that is sure to take your breath away.

Nestled in the northernmost part of the country, the Sierra Nevada National Park is home to an abundance of species of plants and animals, as well as some of the most unique and spectacular views of Venezuela’s landscape. With its rolling hills, dense forests, and crystal clear rivers, the Sierra Nevada National Park is the perfect place to take a hike and explore the great outdoors.

From the highest peaks, the views of the surrounding caverns and mountains are truly breathtaking. There is no better way to get a sense of the grandeur of nature than to take a hike through the Sierra Nevada National Park. With its winding trails, lush vegetation, and stunning vistas, taking a hike in the Sierra Nevada National Park is an experience like no other. Whether you’re looking to take a leisurely stroll, or push yourself to the limits, the Sierra Nevada National Park is a great place to get out and explore the wilds of Venezuela.

Spot Birds and Butterflies in the Henri Pittier National Park

Once you’ve completed the majestic Mount Roraima climb, there are still plenty of breathtaking national parks in Venezuela to explore. One of the most beautiful and popular is the Henri Pittier National Park. Situated in the Aragua state, this park is home to an array of bird and butterfly species, making it the perfect place for nature lovers to spot some of the country’s most exotic animals.

As you enter the park, you’ll be surrounded by lush vegetation – the perfect backdrop for your bird and butterfly spotting. It’s best to bring a pair of binoculars to get a closer look at the species, as they can often be seen perched atop tree branches or soaring through the sky. From the stunning blue-crowned motmot to the majestic king vulture, you’re sure to find a wide variety of birds. But don’t forget to look for the butterflies too! You may just spot some of the park’s signature species, such as the two-tailed swallowtail or the vibrant blue morpho.

Spotting birds and butterflies in the Henri Pittier National Park can be a truly magical experience. With its stunning scenery and array of exotic species, it’s no wonder this park is one of Venezuela’s most popular destinations. So don’t miss out on the chance to explore it and take in all its beauty.

Enjoy the Festivals and Events

The Venezuelan cultural calendar is filled with exciting events, such as the Festival of the Virgin of Coromoto, the Caracas Jazz Festival, and the Festival of the Sun in Margarita Island. Revelers can experience the majesty of the Virgin of Coromoto parading through the streets, the vibrant sounds of jazz resonating through the city, and the lively atmosphere of the Festival of the Sun. With so much to discover, Venezuela is the ultimate destination for festival-goers.

The Festival of the Virgin of Coromoto

Soothing rhythms, dynamic performances, and vibrant costumes bring life to the annual Festival of the Virgin of Coromoto in Venezuela. Every year, thousands of people flock to Mérida to experience this unique celebration.

The festival is a week-long event that features a variety of activities, including musical performances, parades, and pageants. The musical performances are the most popular part of the event. Traditional Venezuelan music, such as joropo and pasaje, are performed by local musicians with an impressive level of skill and expertise. The vibrant costumes worn by the performers, combined with their talented performances, create a truly engaging spectacle.

The festival culminates with a grand procession through the streets of Mérida. Thousands of participants, dressed in colorful costumes, dance and sing as they honor the Virgin of Coromoto. The procession ends with a dazzling fireworks display that is sure to delight onlookers. The Festival of the Virgin of Coromoto is an unforgettable celebration that is sure to bring joy to anyone who experiences it.

The Caracas Jazz Festival

After exploring the beauty of Venezuela’s national parks, visitors can look forward to a different kind of experience in its vibrant festivals and events. One of the most celebrated festivals in the country is the Caracas Jazz Festival. Taking place every year in the capital city of Caracas, the festival brings together the best jazz musicians from all over the world.

The Caracas Jazz Festival features performances from both established and up-and-coming jazz musicians. Audiences can experience both traditional jazz styles as well as more modern interpretations. The festival also features guest artists, who come from different countries and backgrounds, making it a truly international event.

The Caracas Jazz Festival provides a unique opportunity to experience the city of Caracas in a different light. During the event, the streets of the city come alive with music and energy, as visitors get to enjoy the best of jazz while exploring the city’s vibrant culture. The festival also provides a great platform for local artists, allowing them to showcase their talent to a global audience.

The Festival of the Sun in Margarita Island

In addition to the breathtaking national parks, another must-do Venezuelan experience is attending the cultural festivals and events. One such event is the Festival of the Sun, hosted annually in Margarita Island.

The Festival of the Sun is the biggest celebration on the island, and brings together the vibrant culture of Venezuela in one place. Colorful costumes, delicious food, music, and dance come alive as locals and tourists alike come together to celebrate the island’s culture. From the traditional music of salsa, to the distinctive rhythms of the joropo, the festival offers guests a unique musical experience.

The celebration culminates in a spectacular firework show, with a brilliant display of lights that illuminate the night sky. It’s the perfect way to end a day of dancing, music, and food. Visitors can even participate in the traditional dances, and join in the festivities with the locals. The Festival of the Sun is an amazing experience that can’t be missed when visiting Margarita Island.


From the spectacular coastlines to the ancient ruins, Venezuela is a must-see for any traveler. Its diverse landscape of mountains, rainforests and colonial cities make for an unforgettable experience. From the pristine national parks to the majestic Mount Roraima, Venezuela has something for everyone. Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget to take part in the vibrant festivals and events that bring the country to life. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation or something in between, Venezuela is sure to deliver a truly unique vacation.

Originally posted 2016-01-24 16:10:47.