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Another one of the most important pieces of kit you cannot leave at home; a travel neck pillow, we recommend the SNUGL Travel Pillow.

Sleep deprivation can ruin your holiday or at least half of it anyway.

This is the time it will take to recover from a bad flight.


There’s no better time to travel than these days, right? So why not pack your bags to travel someplace quiet, peaceful, and relaxing with your family? Or perhaps a flight somewhere far away?

Ah, the painful sleeping experiences while traveling may deter you from traveling altogether. 

Not to worry, though, because we have a product that will solve your problems in one go. Since travel pillows have come to light, we thought it’s best to review a famous brand called SNUGL. 

Their travel pillows are the talk of the town. Hence we decided to do a SNUGL Travel Pillow review. 


Supreme comfort

Not all pillows are designed to be comfortable; most are made to look well and last long. But if they’re not comfortable, then what’s the use? Fortunately for you, SNUGL neck pillows are an exception; their comfort is beyond your expectations. These pillows are scientifically designed to allow you to receive comfort and support at the same time.

Smart design

Strictly referring to the SNUGL neck pillow’s history, they are created in Britain. The pillows are manufactured with support and comfort in mind. In a way, the pillow’s shape perfectly mimics the human neck and shoulders, allowing you to maintain your body’s natural posture. This will assist you in resting and even sleeping for a considerable period without feeling like a beat-up punching bag after waking up. 

Moreover, the SNUGL Travel Pillow has been made with the SNUGL 70D VISCO-Elastic memory foam, which should give you a better understanding of its high-quality.


Wouldn’t you like your travel pillow to be portable? When traveling, people want their luggage to weigh less so they don’t have to carry it everywhere or so that they can fit more. Luckily for you, the SNUGL travel pillow is lightweight, and it’s convenient to carry around. 

Its portability feature is a unique selling price that you cannot forego. Because most travel pillows weigh more than they look, which defeats the purpose of the pillow.

The SNUGL travel pillow can be compressed, effectively reducing in size by a staggering 70%. This is a bonus since you can fit it anywhere without having to worry about the space. Or if you wish to fit the pillow in your bag, that can be done as well. Or would you like to clip it somewhere? The manufacturers have kept this in mind, that’s why this travel pillow comes with a Carabiner Clip that you can attach to the outside of your travel bag. 

High-quality, breathable fabric

What exactly goes into making this high-quality travel pillow? The SNUGL Travel Pillow is covered with an extra soft, breathable fabric that won’t irritate your skin one bit. If you think this fact makes this pillow special, wait for the next one.

Most travel pillows lose quality and wear off after some time because they fail to withstand washing and use. However, the SNUGL neck pillow is different. You can remove the pillow’s cover to wash it. This will allow the pillow to become good as new, ready for another comfort-filled trip!

Plus, the breathable cover will prevent your neck from overheating. This will allow you to maintain your comfort levels without feeling like your neck is on fire. 

Refreshing slumber:

Do you ever feel tired and proceed to take a nap, only to wake up more exhausted than before? Well, that’s probably because your resting position was not ideal. However, with this pillow by your side (literally), you can expect to have refreshing sleep hours. 

You won’t even acknowledge the travel time in your sleep, thanks to the high-quality materials used to make this pillow.

Whether you’re traveling on a plane, car, or train, your journey will be short and sweet. You don’t have to err every single time you plan on traveling now. 

Pain reliever:

SNUGL’s neck pillow cannot relieve your pain, but it can prevent you from incurring neck pain in the first place. Do you ever travel somewhere fun or important and wake up with intense neck pain? Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore! This pillow’s natural shape will allow your neck to rest in a comfortable position.

Refund policy:

SNUGL believes that customer satisfaction is a priority. Hence they have allowed their customers 60 days in case they are not happy with the travel pillow. Or perhaps if they have changed their mind, SNUGL gives you the opportunity. 

Their team is based in the UK, and your emails will receive a reply shortly. Along with the 60-day money-back guarantee, SNUGL gives you a 12-month warranty if you are unhappy with the product. 


  • Lightweight, portable
  • Natural design
  • Adapts to position
  • Comfortable


  • Doesn’t suit people with slim necks


Product Size Weight Colour Foam
SNUGL Travel Pillow 28 x 25 x 17 440g  Black and Red/Blue/Grey/Mustard SNUGL 70D VISCO-Elastic memory foam


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do travel pillows really work?

Ans. Yes, they do. An unsupported neck will incur pain with time, so a supportive pillow, one with the right support, will work for you.

2. What is the point of a neck pillow?

Ans. Neck pillows help to uplift your neck and balance your body exactly how it should be. If you allow yourself to weigh down on one side for prolonged periods, you will inevitably suffer from neck pain. Neck pillows are designed to prevent just that; they’re suited for long travels and flights.

3. Can I put my travel pillow in the washing machine?

Ans. Well, the answer largely depends on your product. You should know that not all travel pillows are washable. Some may begin to deteriorate after washing. However, if it is washable, don’t use too much force to wash the pillow and not let it sit in the water for too long. Mild washing is preferred.

4. Can I sleep on my bed with a neck pillow?

Ans. As the name suggests, neck pillows are used to support your neck when you’re sleeping on your side or your back. Sleeping on your stomach, however, is not recommended at all. 

5. Are travel pillows worth it?

Ans. Yes, they are. Going on a journey or a destination requires you to be pain-free, right? Travel pillows keep your neck upright when you’re resting, which helps you avoid neck pain. 


The trend of long-haul flights and long travel destinations, whether on a train or in a car are rising because people are tired in their homes. If you’re one who wants to avoid all sorts of neck pain while catching up refreshing hours of sleep while traveling, then travel pillows are your best bet. We hope that this article has allowed you to look at SNUGL travel pillows in detail.


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