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At first this Nomatic Travel Bag was big, it couldn’t be for you and I didn’t believe it was me, but I took the opportunity anyway and I’m so glad I did. I travel to the US regularly and have always been fed up with carrying and a carry-on bag, wanted to bring a bag that I didn’t have to check-in.

I usually fly with a BA, and although it is removed, it easily fits into the given top lockers. I can’t talk to other airlines because I haven’t used them, but my research says they fit cabin size restrictions.

In the US, my 4-day packing list looks like this:

– Laptop, iPad and several cables/chargers
– Nintendo Switch, Bose QC35 headphones
– Toiletries (the use of a nominal laundry bag is not necessary, but of course it looks great and seems to be part of the kit)
– 2 work shirts, 3 shirts
– 2 office pants, a pair of jeans
– Smart shoes
– Socks/underwear

This pushes the bag to its limits, and if needed I can have a liter of free space for a few more drinks, but it’s true I carry a lot of tech when I’m not done yet. use. The bag is very light but it gets heavier with all these things (as you can imagine), I also tried it with detachable shoulder straps, I would definitely recommend using it, it is not that ‘cool But the back thanks you for that. I’m about 30 and in great shape, but really needed a break after about an hour of waist flexing.

– It looks great and has an excellent build quality
– The organization pays a lot of attention, it has pockets for everyone and most of them
“I just need to be able to pack my things in my ‘situation’ without being afraid of breaking them.”
– Removable shoulder straps for short trips

Negative aspects
“You feel like a ninja turtle.” It’s a very hard bag

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