Old Town of Stockholm, Sweden
Old Town of Stockholm, Sweden

Entertain, history and all things fun – go to Sweden

Get your passport ready and head to Sweden for your next holiday. It has everything to offer tourists. From opulent palaces, island style sightseeing and a theme park that will get your heart racing. The country also produced ABBA, one of the best music groups of all time. Not to mention their music is timeless. The land of the Viking is just fantastic! From its lakes, forests and brilliant transport system, this is sure to become one of your favourite destinations as soon as you arrive.

To accompany your sightseeing, the Swedish have some utterly scrumptious food that will make you want to stay forever. Lingonberry jam is served with just about everything from meatballs to desserts. If you are a lover of Crayfish, nowhere in the world better prepares this delicious delicacy. Try it!

Sweden is a must-visit for avid travelers and those dreaming of the ultimate holiday experience.

Things to do in Sweden

  • Vasa Museum: Located in Stockholm and a top attraction to visitors, this is the perfect place to learn about the culture of Sweden. The museum is built around The Vasa, a 17th century ship which sank on its maiden voyage to Stockholm. The Vasa has been restored over the years and 95 per cent of the ship is original. Marvel at the many sculptures carved on the ship and there are ten exhibitions around the ship that tell the stories of life on board. This museum is a must for every history fan or those who enjoy old ships. There is also a store at the museum and good restaurant. Don’t miss this attraction.
  • Lund Cathedral: This impressive cathedral dates back to 1145 with Roman-style architecture. A must-see is the astrological clock and the crypt with its fascinating old pictures and paintings. You won’t be disappointed after visiting Lund Cathedral.
  • Little Square (Lilla Torg): Delight in the cafés and restaurants that cater for many tastes, from Indian to Italian cuisine. You’re surrounded by Swedish buildings as you tour the square. The square has a great vibe to it and you can shop till you drop. There are also shops and interesting buildings to see just off Little Square.
  • Drottningholm Palace: Built in the 1600s this place is a wonderful masterpiece of European architecture. You will be inspired by the 18th century theatre which often still uses original stage machinery. The palace is a permanent residence for the Swedish royal family and is also listed as a World Heritage Site. Stroll through the gardens of the palace and enjoy the charm Drottningholm Palace has to offer. Remember to do the palace tour. The palace’s south wing is occupied by the royal family, but the rest of the palace is open to the public.
  • ABBA Museum: “Can you hear the drums Fernando…” The ABBA Museum is a permanent exhibition of the pop group ABBA and is a highlight for tourists when in Stockholm. The museum houses concert footage and many of the items found inside the museum are from the band member’s own collection. For those true ABBA groupies, you can even put on a digital costume! Many areas of this music-filled museum are interactive. Even if you are not an ABBA fan, it’s great to see and learn a bit of music history. The shop at the museum is full of ABBA memorabilia, so shop away fans! And to remember it all, your experiences are loaded on to the museum website and kept on the site for 30 years. There is no doubt you will walk out there singing.
  • Liseberg: There is fun for the whole family at Liseberg – one of Europe’s most popular amusement parks. Everything from attractions, restaurants and bars are there to keep you entertained. There is also a sculpture park to view. Let your imagination run wild as you try the rollercoaster, flying teacups and Ferris wheel. For the adrenalin seekers, try the AtmosFear, which is the tallest free-fall ride in Europe. You are in for a wild ride on your exciting trip to Liseberg.
  • Archipelago of Gothenburg: Known for its little fishing villages and boat life this is a great place to relax and take a break. The Archipelago of Gothenburg is divided into north and south. The south island is car-free while you can get to the north island by car ferry. Ten of the northern islands are populated. On the south islands there is plenty walking and bike trails. Your main source of transportation on the south island is a moped, bike or the ferries. Island hop with the use of a ferry and take in the scenery of one of the most picturesque places you will ever see.  It’s also a great way to get away from the city. Feast on some of Europe’s best seafood, kayak or visit a spa for some guaranteed relaxation.
  • Maritime Museum: Learn about the pirates of old and get to see warships from the 17th century.  There are also a few floating ships for you to discover and you will also gain insight into Swedish maritime heritage while you visit. If you build model boats then you have to journey to this museum.
  • Skansen: Established in 1891, this is the world’s first open-air museum where you will get to see real Swedish culture. There are about 150 houses that have been moved to the museum. Children and animal lovers will enjoy a visit to the zoo, where you will find sheep, cows, pigs, bear and wolves. The Skansen Aquarium has about 200 species and you can get up close to some of the animals. Check out the Children’s Rainforest too.
  • Royal Palace: One of the largest places in Europe, the palace is the official residence of the king of Sweden – and it has a staggering 600 rooms! The palace also has a great collections of crowns and swords. There are three museums within the palace filled with history. Don’t miss the soldier’s parade and the changing of the guard. There are guided tours of the palace available.
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