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Ricks Cafe Negril Jamaica

My wife and I had the privilege of going to Ricks Cafe in Jamaica back in 2017. For whatever reason, I chose to write about it.  It is one of the experiences that has stuck with me.  I even have the flag on my Facebook page to boast that I have been there and done that.  Almost like the famous Jamaican advert that was running in the UK for a few years: "only when you go, you will know" It was voted to be one of the top 10 Bars in the world. As surprising as this is, I never knew Ricks...
Ocho Rios port town, Jamaica, with anchored cruise liner

Jamaica Caribbean islands

Rolling green hills, gorgeous beaches, and the high Blue Mountains make Jamaica one of the most beautiful of the Caribbean islands, and easily one of the world's most beautiful locations. The beauty of the island, and its stunning resorts lend themselves perfectly to luxury holidays. While the variety of adventure and exploration activities available here make the island an equally ideal destination for those who love to spend their holidays doing more than relaxing on the beach. Where to Go in Jamaica Jamaica is roughly divided into three regions — western, central, and eastern—each of which includes around half a dozen parishes. The western region...

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