Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Vietnam will excite the any traveler

Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia on the South China Sea and is characterised by its rivers, beaches and busy cities. Everything from its magnificent buildings, culture to the floating markets will make for an interesting time in Vietnam. Best you practice your chopstick skills before you depart for Vietnam, because it’s used to eat most meals. Get use to sharing your food too as this is common practice in Vietnam.

You must try rice wine and there’s enough green tea to go around as it’s offered to you when visiting locals. Fruit wine is also common in Vietnam.

Want to do something different? Take a trip to the Marble Mountains where you’ll find huge limestone pillars all named after the five elements – fire, earth, wood, metal and water. Why not travel Vietnam the real way – go beyond the normal touristy sites and tour the countryside, get lost in the culture and food. What a fun way to learn about Vietnam. Head to Vietnam for a holiday to write home about.

Things to do in Vietnam

  • Cu Chi tunnels: The digging for these tunnels started in the 1940s during the war of independence against French colonial rule. In the 1960s the tunnels were used by the Viet Cong and South Vietnamese to house troops and transport supplies and launch surprise attacks during the Vietnam War. The tunnels consisted of hospitals, storage facilities, weapon factories, kitchens and trap doors. The more than 200 kilometers of tunnel is legendary. You can take a tour of the tunnels, which promises to be an awesome experience.
  • War Remnants Museum: Get some insight into the Vietnam War through an impressive collection of military vehicles, photographs and weapons used during the Vietnam War.
  • West Lake: Luxury hotels, spas, restaurants and clubs is what you will find in West Lake. It’s also a great place to take a walk. West Lake is also home to Vietnam’s oldest pagoda and one of Vietnam’s four scared temples. There a lush garden around the lake to sit and take in the views.
  • Halong Bay: Halong meaning “where the dragon descends into the sea,” is a sure visit on your trip to Vietnam. Magical sunrises and sunsets can be experienced here too. Why not take a cruise tour where you can sleep in the bay. You can frequent the many beaches or take a walk through limestone caves during your stay at Halong Bay. A favourite attraction among visitors to Halong Bay is an outing to Cua Van Village. Here you will experience the way the locals live. You will find floating houses where fishing is a way of life. You can even opt to stay on board one of the floating houses!
  • Imperial Citadel of Thang Long: The immaculately preserved citadel is located in Hanoi. It’s also a World Heritage Site and was the center of Vietnamese power for over 1,000 years. Even the bunkers of the American War are visible today. Take a look at the bonsai’s and relax in the beautiful grounds. Most of the buildings were destroyed in the 19th century and are now being rebuilt.
  • Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum: The Mausoleum was built to honor President Ho Chi Minh. The materials used to build the Mausoleum were donated by people from all over the country. The building is also a symbol of national unity. Entrance is free, but ensure you are well covered up. You also get to see the embalmed body of Ho Chi Minh. Don’t miss the changing of the guard outside the Mausoleum – awesome to see. Photos are not allowed in the Mausoleum.
  • Complex of Hue Monuments: Hue was the capital of Vietnam during the Nguyen Dynasty during the 19th and early 20th The Complex of Hue monuments can be found in the city and its surroundings. Take a walk through the complex and witness its natural beauty. There are hundreds of ruins within this complex including the Forbidden Purple City, the Imperial City and temples. Well worth a visit!
  • Paradise Cave: This spectacular cave system is 31 kilometers long and is also the longest cave in Asia. Climb your way up a wooden staircase and explore the wonders of the cave. The cave is well lite so you’ll get to see wonderful limestone formations. Become a real cave explorer: There’s also a brilliant Paradise 7km adventure where you get to walk over rock and through underground rivers. Remember your camera, because there are plenty photograph opportunities.
  • Hanoi: This city will keep you busy for days! Check out a water puppet show. Water puppetry dates back to the 11 century. A great place to catch a water puppet show is Thang Long Puppet Theatre. The puppeteers actually perform while standing waist-deep in water while the puppets ‘dance’ over the water. These shows are quite different, but good for a real Hanoi experience. A fascinating show for everyone to enjoy. Pop in to the Dong Xuan for souvenirs, t-shirts and trinkets. Take some time to chat to the locals too. Hanoi is a fun city to visit to experience everything about Vietnamese culture.
  • River markets: River markets in Mekong Delta are an important part of life in the south of Vietnam. This is not to be missed. Fruit and vegetable-loaded boats float along the rivers and streams and you can purchase your goods off the boat. The fish is delicious, so make a point to taste some prepared by the locals. The floating markets remain a highlight for anyone visiting the Mekong Delta.

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