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Trekology Travel Camping Ultralight Pillow Review


The Trekology is truly small by size-great by comfort! It’s the most compact and lightweight inflatable camping pillow on the market. It folds up to 12×5 cm, smaller than a can of soda! Inflates into a comfortable pillow to support your head or lumbar, deflate down in just a few seconds. The Trekology travel camping ultralight can be effortlessly carried in your very backpack or in your pocket for convenient access.

Improved ergonomic design with reinforced neck support for a better night’s sleep! Trekology Ultralight Inflating Travel is the most comfortable inflatable cushion, ideal for people who like to sleep with lateral support in the back or in the stomach. Ergonomically designed to support the neck and back when sleeping at home or at camp.

Why the Camping Pillow?

The main advantage is that it will allow you to rest after a tired day, reducing the stress and discomfort of sleeping in full nature. In addition, they reduce fatigue and make you feel as comfortable as if you were sleeping in the bed of your home. Reduce neck pain, and it will make you feel better.

How to Choose Your Best Camping Pillow?


When we go camping, it is important to consider the weight of our entire luggage. The added weight on your shoulders – if you plan to carry your pillow over your shoulders in your backpack – will make you feel more exhausted. However, there are some considerable weights, if this added weight helps to provide better functionality on the ride.


For consumers, this is one of the most important selection criteria. If you do not feel comfortable and pleasant, there are more opportunities for the quality of sleep to diminish and impact the energy of your next day. Take into account the type of pillow, the contour, size and material of manufacture.

Easy to use

A good product is easy to use, without causing pain. Here we take into account how easy it is to adjust and pack, clean and dry, and how well they position themselves under our heads.

Size when packing

The best option is undoubtedly one that provides a five-star dream without taking up much space and without much-added weight. For campers in a car, this consideration is not so important, but volume means a problem when you have to pack and walk with everything you bring in your backpack, causing greater discomfort.


Even if your pillow is soft and comfortable, it may not provide enough support for your next day to be free of pain. Each camper has different considerations to do, discover yours, and the pressure points that you consider affect you the most.

This Trekology pillow is lightweight and guarantees an outside sleep soundly so that you are always ready for your next adventures. This air cushion is inflatable and convenient to carry. It is ergonomically designed to ensure the best support for the neck and head. No more compromises for comfort. You have found what you need for a good night’s sleep.

Main Features:

Ergonomic support for comfortable sleep: The pillow is designed to contour around your head with ergonomic head and neck support. Whether it’s for a long camp trip or just a weekend getaway, you’re now as sleepy as if you were at home.
Less than the size of a soft drink can: Super compact size that fits in the pocket, the storage bag only 12.7 x 5.1 cm. It is so small that it can slip easily into your pocket. It could even be easily pressed into your very own packed bag.

The Trekology travel camping ultralight pillow is very lightweight, so you never even have to worry regarding any weight to your stuff in the bag. Super easy to inflate and deflate air valve: The push-button fully facilitates to inflate the pillow with about three to five strokes. It also helps to protect the air in the pillow without any leakage.

Satisfaction guaranteed. If you have any problem, just contact us. We will take care of any problem. It is guaranteed.


• Lightweight
• The size is rather compact
• Compresses very small
• Safe from damage when not in use
• It adapts perfectly to inflatable sleeping mats.


• Not any from buyers yet

Who Should Use A Travel Camping Pillow?

In addition to improving our rest, this travel camping pillow is recommended for frequent campers and every other person that needs good health for his or her back, neck and even head. However, it is worth going to a medical consultation if we have been suffering from cervical problems for some time.

This travel camping Pillow incorporates an improved design with additional head restraints made from stretchy, durable TPU fabric and water repellent. Whether you’re in the mountains, on the open water ship, in your tent with your favorite national park, or in a hotel on vacation, the Trekology Ultralight travel pillow is your perfect travel companion.

Sleep without worrying about moving at night thanks to your non-slip design. It is over that your pillow escapes during the night! The back of the Trekology Ultralight Inflating Travel is made of durable and non-slip material to keep your head from moving while you sleep. So, you will always rest at night!

With this trek pillow, you can access the exterior of your accommodation for your next adventure! This air cushion is conveniently inflated and vented so you can take it with you. The pillow is designed to fit around your head, providing ergonomic support for your head and neck. Whether for long trips to camp or for a weekend, now you can sleep at home using this!

The Conclusion of Trekology Travel Camping Ultralight Pillow Review

The Trekology travel camping pillow is so easy that you never have to worry about adding weight to your luggage! The button valve makes inflation easy and completes the pillow with three to five moves. It also helps to ensure the air in the pillow without licking. Obviously, never forget the comfort that this product provides, it’s usually about getting a model of pleasant material.



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