Beach view in the remote coastal village of Punta del Diablo in Uruguay.
Beach view in the remote coastal village of Punta del Diablo in Uruguay.

Explore the wonders of Uruguay

A Latin American gem, Uruguay is filled with wonderful food, historic sites and beautiful beaches that will promise the perfect getaway. From traditional dishes and drinks to breathtaking scenery, you will need to ensure that your camera is always fully charged so that you can keep your memories of Uruguay alive forever. Be sure take along your brand new Nomatic Travel Bag

Cuisine to feast on during your stay

Get ready to explore the wonderful food culture of Uruguay with Latin American flavours that will make you want to visit Uruguay over and over again. While you try an array of popular dishes, try a glass of cleric, which is a drink made of wine and fruit.

Seafood is great in this part of the world and you are sure to find Italian food in many restaurants.


This is basically a sandwich with steak, Mozzarella, bacon, olives, tomato, mayonnaise and a fried or hard-boiled egg. This is a delicious national dish. Every restaurant serves these. It’s sometimes also served with chicken instead of steak.


A popular sandwich in South America, this sandwich consists of chorizo sausage served on a French roll with various toppings and mustard, tomato sauce or chimichurri – which is a sauce made of parsley, garlic and vinegar. Let your taste buds come alive.


This is stuffed bread that is baked or deep fried with ham, cheese, onion, chicken, ground beef, and cream of corn or fish.


This is like a barbeque over wood or coal and it’s considered a national dish in Uruguay and expresses the culture of the country with the different ways meat is prepared. An asado is always shared by friends and family as a means to spend time together. Expect a large variety of meat when you attend this feast.


Another traditional Uruguayan dish which is pastry filled with spinach and hard-boiled egg.


Similar to schnitzel, this is beef or chicken that is fried.

Caruso Sauce

A uniquely Uruguayan pasta sauce made from cream, meat extract, ham, onions and mushrooms.

Medio y Medio

A popular white wine in Uruguay.

Things to do in Uruguay

Solis Theatre

Also known as the ‘Theatre of the Sun’ this is Uruguay’s oldest theatre. Watch actors perform as you make your way through the various different theatre halls. A tour is highly recommended and it’s great to go back in history as you explore the building. This French-style monument will enthrall the avid theatre lover and the acoustics are superb. Be sure to see a concert or ballet performance when you visit. There is also a store to purchase souvenirs. You are allowed to snap away with your camera and capture some great photo memories. Solis Theatre also holds free concerts, so check the schedule before you visit Montevideo.

Ralli Museum

This intimate museum boasts impressive Latin American and European artwork. The building is exquisite and visitors to the museum can easily get around the museum which is small, but awesome. See anything from paintings and sculptures. Let your inner artist take flight. Even if you are not a lover of art, Ralli Museum is worthwhile and you can relax in the garden. Put this item on your itinerary to discover some culture and history of magnificent Uruguay. Entrance to Ralli Museum is free.

Cabo Polonio Light Tower

Breathtaking views are yours to enjoy when you visit this old lighthouse that is still active today. The climb to the top is worth every step. Near the lighthouse are islands with seal colonies. Guided tours of the lighthouse are available.

Plaza Indepencia

Enjoy the architecture surrounding when you visit this historic plaza, which commemorates José Artigas with a 17 meter high statue. Artigas was a revolutionary leader who is regarded as the father of Uruguay. This very impressive plaza will have history buffs excited to explore. The plaza includes the Artigas Mausoleum, where guards stand guard over his remains. You get a real feel of Latin America when you visit Plaza Indepencia.

Montevideo Metropolitan Cathedral

A short walk from the Plaza Indepencia, this Spanish style cathedral is filled with marble and gold with an exquisite dome. Consecrated in 1804, it is also the main Roman Catholic Church in Montevideo. Located opposite Constitutional Square, the church dates back to 1740 when a brick church was first built where the present building stands today. If you are lucky to catch a mass service, go inside. The impressive alters are wonderfully built. Put this item on your Uruguay tour bucket list for sure.

Mansa Beach (Playa Mansa)

For some great holiday fun, Mansa Beach is popular for its setting and array of activities to keep you entertained. Here you will be able to kite or windsurf, hop on a yacht or paddle the ocean on a canoe. The water is shallow, which makes it ideal for children and a place to take the family. Take a walk on the beach to relax. There are bars and restaurants to keep you going while you bath in the sun. Mansa Beach is also a brilliant place to watch a sunset.

Santa Teresa Fortress

Capture some culture of Uruguay when you visit this 18th century fortress located in Santa Teresa National Park. You can make your way to the fortress by bike or car and not to mention it is ideal for photographs of the wonderful landscapes. You are also able to camp in the national park. The nearby beaches are also good for surfing.


A great beach in this area of Montevideo and plenty of restaurants, places to shop and cafés to help you experience the best of Uruguay. Hop a bicycle if you like and tour the surrounding areas.


This building serves as a hotel and art gallery. The building itself is fantastic. It also has amazing views of the sunset and nearby beaches. There is art on display from the Uruguayan artist Carlos Vilaró. He made this his home until his death aged 90 on 24 February 2014. As well as being a painter, Vilaró was a sculptor, musician, screenwriter and architect. This beautiful place edged in the cliffs is a must-visit.

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