Aerial shot of old sunny Dubrovnik city
Aerial shot of old sunny Dubrovnik city

Put your feet in the ocean and relax – journey to Croatia

Pristine blue waters, islands in abundance to explore and an architecture fundi’s’ dream. Croatia is the place to have a holiday that guarantees relaxation and sightseeing activities for young and old. Not to mention it’s an underwater paradise for divers like you’ve never imagined.

Croatia is just nature at its finest with places like Karlovac with its mountains and forests to deer and bears at Plitvice Lakes National Park. It all depends on what you want to see when you touch down in exotic Croatia. Vinkuran is great if you feel like getting away from the hustle and bustle of big crowds. Enjoy its lovely beaches and pine trees and the village houses a stone quarry.

While you’re touring Croatia try food enjoyed by locals like Gregada which is a fish stew cooked with various whitefish and white wine. And there’s more, try dishes like Strukli, Brudet or a common dish in most Croatian restaurants called Manestra, which is a bean soup.

Fancy some wine? There are plenty of different wine tours that will give you a mix of superb wines. White wine connoisseurs, head to Slovenia! A trip to Croatia is a must if wine is your passion or even if you drink it just for pleasure. Choose from wine tours to your preference and even spend a day with a winemaker. Sip your way through Croatia by the glass!

Your to-do list in Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park

A nature explorer’s delight! The park is a World Heritage Site and it has beautiful landscapes and colourful waterfalls. Take a guided walk along pathways and immerse yourself in the surroundings. There are sixteen lakes in the park and is great for bird-watching. Take your binoculars and admire bears, deer and boars. This is a perfect place to snap some photographs.

Zagreb Cathedral

Don’t miss a trip to this magnificent cathedral with its tall towers. You can pretty much see the towers from anywhere in the city. The Gothic-styled cathedral has seen its fair share of destruction over the years. It was destroyed in the 13th century by the Tartar attack and it was damaged by an earthquake in 1880. The building has also been renovated a number of times since then.

Temple of Augustus

This is a good place to look back at the Roman era. The temple is still well-maintained and worth seeing on your trip to Pula.

Walls of Dubrovnik

The walls that surround Dubrovnik are its most famous feature. The walls are characterised by towers and attached forts. It’s impressive that these ancient walls are so well preserved. Take a walk on top of the white walls and enjoy the view of the sea.

Croatian National Theatre

Purchase a ticket to an opera, ballet recital or music concert and get experience Croatian entertainment at its best. The inspiring architecture will leave you in awe – and you will enjoy the performance just as much as being inside this splendid building. The Croatian National Theatre is a must-visit for theatre-goers.

Miljet National Park

Explore the beauty of this park on foot or rent a bicycle. Or why not get into a Kayak and make your way to one of two saltwater lakes. If you just feel like some sun, it’s great for a tan and swimming. If you enjoy taking photos, go on a short hike to marvel at the views. Hop on a small boat and venture to the Odyssey’s Cave – a well-known spot among visitors. Divers, this is a spectacular place for the day and night dives with many underwater caves and not to mention clear blue waters with great visibility. The island is great for family fun, so bring the children along.

Diocletian’s Palace

You cannot visit the city of Split without seeing this marvellous palace. Today it’s no longer a palace, but within the place boundaries, people now live in over 200 buildings. It’s not a bad idea to take a local guide with you to teach you the history of this fascinating city. Don’t forget to climb the stairs to the bell tower.


Trogir is an enchanting town with a medieval-feel and is rich in history. Take a walk along the winding cobblestone streets in this warm, friendly town. There are plenty of restaurants to taste the local cuisine. You simply have to try the fish! The harbour is filled with old sailing ships and the quaintness of the town makes you not want to go home.

Pula Arena

Built from local limestone and one of many Roman ruins in Europe, the Pula Arena was built for gladiator contests and this marvellous arena is well preserved. When you enter the Arena, use your imagination to take you back to what life would’ve been like in Roman times. Nowadays the Arena is used for filming productions and concerts.

Arch of Sergius

The arch marks the edge of old Pula and was built to commemorate three brothers of the Sergii family. You will come across this impressive piece of Roman architecture as you walk through Pula. So a separate tour is not needed.

Cape Kamenjak

Breathtaking scenery, white rocks and even great to visit in winter. This is one of Croatia’s most tranquil nature parks. Take a bike trail or hike with your camera on hand. The area is famous for its amazing beaches and nature. There is a local bar nearby for a light snack and cocktails.

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