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In the South Pacific lies a group of more than 300 islands. Fiji is just about perfect all year round with much to do on your holiday. It’s a country filled with tribal traditions, the third largest barrier reef in the world and national parks that will make the best photographs.  This is a truly wonderful location in the world, where every day on holiday is a surprise, adventure and filled with fun.  Read on for information about Fiji holidays

8 things to do in Fiji

Fiji Museum

This is the perfect place to start your vacation in Fiji and get a feel of Fijian culture. Located in the Thurston Gardens in Suvu, this impressive and charming museum houses archaeological artifacts dating back over 3,000 years. These artifacts come from local citizens that have inhabited the Fiji islands as well as other nationalities that have settled in Fiji. The museum is well set out and you should set aside at least 2 hours to take in everything in the museum. So if you are looking to take a break from the beaches, head to the Fiji Museum with the whole family. There is also a gift shop where you can take a piece of Fiji home with you. If you book a tour, ensure this item is on the list. While you are in the Thurston Gardens, which are the botanical gardens of Fiji, take some time to wander among the fig trees and take in the sea air or check out the clock tower. The gardens are an historic site. It’s here where the original town of Suvu used to be and where one of the bloodiest battles in Fiji took place in 1843. It’s during this time that the old town was burnt down.

Bouma National Heritage Park

Put on your walking shoes and explore the beauty of nature in Fiji. Situated at Taveuni Island, you will get to walk through both rain and coastal forest. There are 3 different trails to hike depending on your experience as a hiker. Make your way through the hills above the village of Korovou and get a glimpse of the Tavoro waterfalls. If you choose, take a swim in one of the waterfall’s natural pools. This is a fantastic outing for relaxation and to discover nature. Walking enthusiasts will enjoy time trekking the coastline at Lavena. Don’t worry, this trail is quite flat and enjoyable. You can also kayak along the coastline if you wish. The park is filled with adventure, so don’t miss out on a visit.

Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple

Situated in Nadi, this Hindu temple is adorned with bright colours. This is also the largest Hindu temple in the Southern Hemisphere. Inside, the temple houses beautiful paintings and the ceilings are impressive and the statues at the temple were brought from India. The temple is dedicated to the deity Murugan – the statue can be found in the main temple. The Sri Siva Subramaniya is a must-visit to see the diverse architecture for which Fiji is known. Make sure you cover up before you enter.

Arts Village

Located in Pacific Harbour, visitors to the Arts Village can enjoy everything from art and culture to interacting with the locals. Take a stroll around the lagoon and visit the amazing market. Watch a traditional Fijian cultural show and even witness fire walking, where the locals walk over very hot stones. You can also watch locals perform a traditional dance called the Meke and while you are there, try some tasty food. Visiting Arts village will almost be like spending a day in a fantasy world.

Church of Saint Francis Xavier

Set high on a hilltop on Fiji’s main island on Viti Levu, this wondrous and mystical stone church of European design is a must-see. The church houses murals and frescoes and the congregation sit on mats instead of pews. The church is still active today and serves the surrounding areas.

Naihehe Caves

Located in Sigatoka, Naihehe means “a place where you can get lost”. Legends say that if cave explorers don’t get permission from the priests to enter the caves they will get lost. The caves were used as a fortress where local tribes hid when they were under attack. This an amazing adventure for those who want to do something different. Walk through the hot jungle and when you reach the cave you will learn about the history of the largest cave system in Fiji, see a priest chamber, ritual platform, and cannibal oven! You will encounter water in the caves too. Water goes up to your knees as you enter the cave.

Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park

This is a highlight for many tourists and an awesome sight to behold – an area of 650 hectares of land along the Sigatoka River. Climb to the top of one of the dunes, sink your toes into the sand and watch the waves breaking along the beach. There are also walking trails to go on. One leads you along the dunes and the other leads you through the forest to the beach. Surfs up near the river mouth. Grab your board and give it a go! This attraction is well worth it.

Garden of the Sleeping Giant

At the foot of the Sabeto Mountains, discover a garden that will make you want to stay in Fiji forever. The garden is home to over 2,000 varieties of Asian orchids and Cattleya hybrids. The speciality of this beautiful garden is its orchids. The collection of plants in the garden comes from the private collection of American actor Raymond Burr. When you visit the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, visit the actor’s home where you will see old photographs, his cane and other items. Walk across stunning laws, pass small ponds and enter a lush rainforest. Take a guided tour to learn about the different plants. A great way to relax and spend a day in well-designed gardens.

Bring your snorkel and scuba gear 

Fiji is known as the soft coral capital of the world. So you definitely don’t want to miss an opportunity to take a dip to view the underwater creatures of the sea. There are a few superb dive areas that you should try.

Diving at Viti Levu is a must. Here you will come across majestic reefs and plenty of fish. Or if you feel daring, go on a shark feeding dive just off the Pacific Harbour. The world famous Beqa Island south of Viti Levu is a sublime diving spot. The Beqa lagoon which borders the island is one of the largest barrier reefs in the world and it has a great variety of marine life. You will also sight dolphins and turtles here. Check out popular dive sites at Beqa Lagoon which include Caesar’s Rock and Carpet Cove.

There is also the Somosmo Strait at Taveuni, which is known for its soft coral. Don’t miss out on diving the amazing Rainbow Reef. The reef actually gets its name from the rainbows that often from across the area in the late afternoon. You can either dive or snorkel the reef. At Rainbow Reef divers will find the Great White Wall – an escarpment of white coral, a beauty to see in clear blue waters inhabited by manta rays, barracuda and reef sharks.

Whatever you do on your holiday to Fiji, ensure you are dive-ready to experience the mysteries and brilliant wonders of the ocean, where diving is good all year round.

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