Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand

Sights and sounds of Auckland

You have arrived in Auckland New Zealand and you want to see as much as possible during your time here. Make no mistake, the hours of sitting at the airport waiting for your flight and time spent on an aircraft will be worth the wait. The more you explore, the more there is to uncover about Auckland, including some great hidden gems. These include the night markets and the restaurants in and around the CBD. When you frequent one of the night markets, feast on street snacks and walk among the stalls – you may even find clothing, jewellery, and crafts that catch your attention and fit your budget. But remember, budgets are meant to be blown while you are on vacation.

Feel like a good laugh? Then go to The Classic situated on Queen Street. This venue is home to some of New Zealand’s most popular comedians. What’s a brilliant holiday without laughing so hard your stomach hurts?  Keep a watch for international comedians touring The Classic too.

Your holiday to Auckland promises a mixture of adventure. From craft beer, Maori heritage attractions and not forgetting superb cafes and restaurants to taste your way through this beautiful, vibrant and exciting part of New Zealand. Holiday on! Go get your adventure.

Get amazing views of volcanoes

Did anyone say volcano? Yes, Auckland has 48 volcanic cones for visitors to view. For a true volcano experience, head to Rangitoto Island. Take a scenic tour of the harbour, where you will get to witness stunning views as you cross the harbour seas as you travel to the Rangitoto volcano. As you make your up to the volcano, walk through a forest, snap a few photographs at the lava caves and then hop on a four-wheel drivetrain to summit the volcano. Spectacular scenery awaits. It’s recommended that you book a tour, as it’s very popular.

After you have toured Rangitoto Island, make your way to Mount Eden. This is the highest volcano in Auckland at 196 meters. Walk to the top of Mount Eden or even cycle to the top for a bit of adventure. When you arrive at the summit, you are greeted with views of Waitemata Harbour down below. While you are here, take a walk and discover remains of a former a Maori village. It is truly fascinating!

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit One Tree Hill. At the top of this volcano is a monument and grave of Sir John Logan Campbell – the founding father of Auckland. One Tree Hill is located within Cornwall Park. So if it’s a warm day, take timeout and relax on the parklands. The cherry blossom are beautiful in spring. But perhaps the ‘coolest’ attraction about One Tree Hill is the ancient Maori fortification. This fortification has been classified as one of the most pre-historic settlements in the world – wow! You will even spot cows and sheep on your visit.

Then there is Auckland Domain – Auckland’s oldest park and is the result of Pukekawa volcano erupting thousands of years ago. When you visit the area, take a stroll through the beautiful botanical gardens and venture to the inspiring Victorian style house and Auckland Museum. The building itself is jaw-dropping. At the museum, you will learn about the life of the Pacific people, art and the rich cultural heritage of the country. Take in the sights of Maori history when you gaze upon carvings and treasures.

Visit majestic Tiritiri Matangi Island

History buffs and nature lovers will really enjoy this island. The island is littered with native trees and it is also considered one of the top conservation projects in the world. Here native birds have been brought back to the island. Don’t worry you won’t have to keep an eye out for predators because there are none. There are a number of walking trails you can do – from 20 minutes to three hours. So pick your trail and enjoy time in nature. There is no food on sale at Tiritiri Matangi Island, so pack a basket before you head out. There is also the option of a guided tour – let the locals show you how it’s done. The volunteers who do the guided tours are both knowledgeable and friendly. Stay overnight if you wish and continue your exploring in the morning. First timers to Auckland should definitely visit this island. 

Go to the New Zealand Maritime Museum

A great way to spend a few hours out from the cold or the heat of the day. Check out where the seafaring history of New Zealand. The exhibitions at the New Zealand Maritime are both interesting and captivating. Hear stories of the earliest immigrants, see ancient canoes and gain insight into the journey of European explorers. And there is even a moving cabin from the 1840s – what a cool experience!

Eat, drink and be merry in Ponsonby

Leave nature walks and the museum tours for a while and go to Ponsonby. This is the place to be for fine dining, experience ethnic cuisine and great vibes of nightlife on offer. From boutiques to quaint cafés, the ‘hippest strip’ in Auckland as it’s known to many is just perfect to get a feel of life in New Zealand and dance the night away if you are in the mood There are also a couple of antique shops to find those hidden gems you have been looking for. Why not visit the Produce Market which has a superb selection of fresh fish, organic fruit and vegetables or try some cheese and wine. If you need to relax and rest your feet, sip on a larger or your favourite popular cocktails at one of the bars.

Adventure to the Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Its name says just that. Ride inside these world-famous caves where thousands of tiny glow-worms light up the cave-like something out of a mystical storybook. Visitors ride along underground making your way along the Waitomo River and into the Glowworm Grotto. A tour of the cave leaves you utterly speechless. The caves are formed on an earthquake fault. Due to this, the cave walls are covered in white, brown and pink – the shades of different colours are all a result of the dripping water through the gaps in the ceiling of the cave. The caves were formed as a result of water pushing against the soft limestone over thousands of years. These magnificent caves date back to 1887 when the Maori chief first explored the caves.

In addition, there are other attractions just as great as the caves. Pop into the cafés located above ground and take a leisurely walk to the Marokopa Falls or check out the Mangapohue limestone bridge.

Taste some craft beer

If you are looking for the best craft beer you will ever taste, then Auckland is where you need to be. So many of the locals have taken to purchasing their own brewing kits to master the art of brewing excellent beer. And a beer brewing kit has become a popular gift in the region over the past decade. While on holiday, join a beer tasting tour and get your fill of some of New Zealand’s most delicious brews. Feeling like a wander around Auckland, then go on a Beer Walking Tour. This way, you will get to see some great sites of Auckland while stopping off at pubs along the way. Don’t know what food to eat with which beer? Don’t worry, you’ll also get to learn how to pear your favorite pint with the correct dish. Go on, it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Weather in Auckland

What are the best months to visit New Zealand?

  • New Zealand in Summer – December to February. Travelling in summer has the advantage of the best overall weather.
  • New Zealand in Autumn (Fall) – March to May.
  • New Zealand in Winter – June to August.
  • New Zealand in Spring – September to November.

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