Aerial view of Shanghai at night from Jinmao building
aerial view of shanghai at night from jinmao building

Immerse yourself in China’s history and culture

China will amaze the biggest history buffs and travelers who want to achieve their ultimate travel goal of visiting the Great Wall of China. This country is rich with monuments, unique landscapes and food that will make your mouth water. China is a pearl of this world. Travel to China. Explore and enrich your mind and soul.

Things to do in China

  • Great Wall of China: This impressive structure is over 20 kilometers long and was built for military defense to protect China from countries in the north. The Great Wall of China was declared a World Heritage Site in 1987 and today it is one on the most historic structures on Earth. With over 2,000 years of history, The Great Wall definitely needs to be on your trip planner. Anyone who visits China should go there at least once. To walk the steps built over the centuries is a remarkable feeling. It’s a long walk, but worth the lifetime experience. Remember to take a look at the views from one of the lookout towers.
  • Summer Palace: The palace which is actually like a massive garden is a magnificent example of Chinese architecture and it’s the largest royal park in China. It was the summer retreat where the imperial rulers entertained. Nowadays visitors can make their way through pathways, ponds, temples, bridges and buildings to explore its beauty. The Summer Palace was opened to tourists in 1924 and it is said to be the best preserved imperial garden in the world. It’s recommended you take a tour guide with you to get a full understanding of the history, but there are plenty of information plaques as well to help you along. You should spend at least half a day here as there is so much to see.
  • Giant Panda Breeding Research Base: This is the perfect spot if you want to see some pandas – a Chinese treasure. The base is a popular attraction in Chengdu and was established in 1987 with just six pandas. The base allows giant pandas to bread and be raised with the hope of reintroducing them into the wild. The research base is also home to red pandas. Try visit the base in the morning when the pandas are most active.
  • Big Buddha: Enjoy some amazing views as you make your way up to Big Buddha by cable car. The Tian Tan Buddha, also informally known as Big Buddha was erected in 1993 and took 12 years to complete. The statue is 34 meters tall and attracts people from all over Asia. Climb the 268 steps and enjoy magnificent views of down below. There is a three-level exhibition hall beneath Big Buddha, which houses relics and a bell which rings 108 times a day. This symbolises the 108 troubles of mankind. It’s recommended that you purchase your ticket for Big Buddha before you visit there as queues to purchase tickets at the Big Buddha can be long. Also note, you cannot take photographs in the three-level exhibition hall.
  • West Lake: A trip to West Lake is a must. It is made up of temples, pagodas, pavilions and gardens. West Lake is popular among locals to escape busy city life. The area is filled with breathtaking landscapes. However, there are the ‘Ten Scenes of West Lake’ which should not be missed. These are: Dawn Over Sue Causeway in Spring, Scent of the Quyuan Brewery and Lotuses on the Wind, Autumn Moon Over the Peaceful Lake, Lingering Snow on Broken Bridge, Listening to Orioles Among the Billowing Willows, Watching the Fish at the Flower Harbour, Glow of Sunset Upon Leifeng Pagoda, Twin Peaks Breaking Through the Clouds, The Toll of the Evening Bell at Nanping and Three Pools Reflecting the Moon.
  • Zhangjiajie National Forest Park: This park is the first national park in China and was established in 1982. The park is host to a variety of animals including pheasant, monkeys, deer and beautiful birdlife. There are a few great attractions to the park. Golden Whip Stream is a brook that flows at the foot of a mountain. Marvel at the surrounding peaks as you walk along the stream and enjoy looking at the wild flowers. You cannot visit the park without visiting Yellowstone Stronghold. These are fascinating shaped peaks and stones. Don’t miss out on this park. A true beauty of China.
  • Temple of Heaven Park: This is a complex of religious buildings located in Beijing. It was built during the Ming Dynasty where emperors would come to worship heaven and pray for a good harvest. It is the largest account of China’s ancient religious buildings. Take your time while walking through the picture-perfect gardens. This is also a great place for some awesome photographs.
  • Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses: A visit to this incredible museum should be at the top of your China itinerary. In 1974, life-size piece of a Terra Cotta warrior was discovered, which was to become the greatest archeological discovery of the 20th The museum consists of three vaults. Further digging uncovered thousands of Terracotta warriors in battle-like formation in these vaults. The first vault displays about 2,000 warriors. The second vault houses an array of warriors, chariot and warriors holding weapons. The third vault consists of figures mostly without heads. Don’t miss the exhibition of bronze chariots. History buffs will love this attraction. It will take you back to days of old and is simply fascinating.
  • Ming tombs: This is where the 13 emperors of the Ming Dynasty were buried. Visitors will see stone thrones and sculptures of humans and animals here. It’s a great place to visit to learn about China’s history and heritage.
  • Shanghai Museum: The museum boasts a collection of one million objects which include bronze, sculptures, ceramics, seals, paintings, furniture and coins. A world class museum, it is divided into 11 galleries and three exhibition hall, and is also easy to walk through. There is even a display for calligraphy. Take your time walking through this piece of Chinese culture.

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