Travel Kettle Quest 35690 Compact Dual Electric Voltage – 0.5L, 600W, 17.5x17x8cm – Black

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Quest 35690 Compact Travel Electric Kettle Dual Voltage, 0.5 litres, 600 Watt, Plastic, 17.5x17x8cm, Black




Introducing the Quest 35690 Compact Travel Kettle, the ideal companion for all your travel adventures. This dual voltage kettle boasts a compact design, measuring just 17.5x17x8cm, making it perfect for packing in your suitcase without taking up too much space. With a 0.5-liter capacity, it’s the right size for individual use or small group gatherings, ensuring you have hot water for your favorite beverages whenever you need it.

Constructed from durable and lightweight plastic, this black travel kettle is not only stylish but also built to last. It’s equipped with a powerful 600 Watt heating element, which ensures quick and efficient boiling. The dual voltage feature (110-240V) allows you to use the kettle in various countries without worrying about voltage compatibility, making it a true travel essential.

The Quest 35690 Compact Travel Kettle also offers several convenient features for a seamless user experience. The easy-to-read water level indicator lets you monitor the amount of water in the kettle, while the illuminated power switch enables you to see when the kettle is in use. The automatic shut-off function provides added safety by turning off the kettle once the water has reached boiling point, preventing overheating or boiling dry.

In addition, the kettle comes with a removable and washable filter to ensure your water stays clean and free of debris. The 360-degree rotational base allows for easy handling, and the cordless design makes pouring a breeze. With its combination of functionality, compact size, and stylish design, the Quest 35690 Compact Travel Electric Kettle is the ultimate solution for hot beverages on the go.

Ultimate Travel Kettle Companion

Introducing the ultimate travel companion, this 0.5-litre kettle is designed with convenience and portability in mind. Measuring a compact 19cm x 12 x 15cm, it is lightweight and easy to pack, fitting effortlessly into bags and suitcases. The travel kettle’s small size doesn’t compromise on functionality, as it is capable of boiling enough water for multiple cups of tea or coffee on-the-go. Its durable construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of travel, making it an ideal choice for business trips, holidays, as well as camping and caravan adventures. Additional features, such as an auto-shutoff function for safety and a removable, easy-to-clean filter, make this travel kettle even more practical and user-friendly. Enjoy a hot beverage anytime, anywhere, with this essential travel accessory.

Dual Voltage Travel Kettle

Expertly designed for the avid traveler, this versatile kettle boasts a dual voltage functionality that seamlessly lets you switch between 110V-120V and 220V-240V power systems. This innovative feature ensures that you can relish a soothing cup of tea or coffee anywhere in the world, regardless of the local voltage.

Universal Plug Compatibility

The Quest 35690 kettle comes equipped with a UK-style Type G plug, making it ready to use in countries with corresponding outlets. For regions with different plug socket types, simply use an appropriate adaptor, and you’ll be able to plug in and delight in your hot beverage without any issues.

Enhanced Features for Global Adventurers

The Quest 35690 dual voltage kettle offers an array of traveler-friendly features to elevate your tea-making experience while on the move. With its compact and lightweight design, this kettle fits easily into your luggage without taking up much space. Its rapid boiling capabilities cater to those busy moments during your travels, and the safety auto shut-off function prevents overheating for added peace of mind. Additionally, a clear water level indicator allows for precise measurement, ensuring the perfect brew wherever your journey takes you.


The Quest 35690 kettle features a transparent fill window, allowing you to easily monitor and measure the water level as you fill it, ensuring you only use the required amount and reducing water wastage. The user-friendly design also includes an illuminated power indicator that clearly displays when the kettle is on, providing an added layer of safety and convenience.

To further enhance your experience, this kettle comes equipped with a handy cord storage system, ensuring that the power cord stays neatly tucked away when the kettle is not in use or during transportation. This not only keeps your countertop or travel bag clutter-free but also extends the life of the cord by preventing damage from tangling and twisting. Overall, the Quest 35690 kettle offers a practical and efficient solution for boiling water, whether at home or on-the-go, with thoughtfully designed features to make your tea or coffee-making experience as enjoyable and convenient as possible.


Along with the high-quality, user-friendly travel kettle, this package also includes two durable plastic cups featuring practical handles, designed to match the kettle’s sleek black color. These cups allow you to safely and comfortably enjoy your hot beverages while on your travels, eliminating the need to carry bulky mugs with you. This thoughtful addition to the travel kettle set ensures that you can experience the comfort of your favorite hot drinks, whether you’re in a hotel room, at a campsite, or visiting friends and family. Enjoy a taste of home wherever you go with this complete, portable hot drink solution.

Where to buy?

You can purchase a travel kettle in the UK from a variety of online and physical stores. Some popular options include:

  1. Amazon UK  – An extensive selection of travel kettles from various brands, often with customer reviews and ratings.
  2. Argos  – Offers a range of travel kettles, with the option to reserve online and pick up in-store.
  3. John Lewis – A reputable department store with a selection of travel kettles and other travel accessories.
  4. Currys PC World – A well-known electronics retailer with a selection of travel kettles and other small appliances.
  5. Tesco  – A large supermarket chain that may have travel kettles available in-store or online.
  6. Robert Dyas – A home and garden retailer offering a variety of travel kettles and other travel essentials.

It is always a good idea to compare prices and read customer reviews before making a purchase to ensure you are getting the best product for your needs.

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Featured Travel kettle Product       Introducing the Quest 35690 Compact Travel Kettle, the ideal companion for all your travel adventures. This dual voltage kettle boasts a compact design, measuring just 17.5x17x8cm, making it perfect for packing in your suitcase without taking up too much space. With...Travel Kettle Quest 35690 Compact Dual Electric Voltage - 0.5L, 600W, 17.5x17x8cm - Black