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The Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow Review

For travelling folks whose comfort does not compare to a conventional travel pillow, the best inflatable pillow with its unique design may be the right choice. Travelrest, a registered trademark of HiGear design the travel pillow. This inflatable travel neck pillow is very different from your typical travel pillow. It really looks different than any standard pillow. However, the unique design and detailed features provided a pleasant experience for almost every position I tried.

The Travelrest Ultimate comes carefully folded in a very small package. The Travelrest Ultimate instructions are very simple to follow.

The field of travel accessories encompasses a multitude of diverse and varied objects. The travel pillow is one of the most useful accessories, be it a bus, a car, a train or an aeroplane! Indeed, it is not always easy to find a nice position when travelling, especially when you know the quality of the train seats or those of low-cost airlines.

The Role of a Neck Rest Travel Pillow

The essential role of a good travel pillow would be to ensure your head, neck, and cervical correct support to avoid a stiff neck on arrival. If it sounds simple, the reality is different.

Many models including entry-level and other cheap models suffer from huge gaps and never ensure sufficient support to allow travellers to rest during the journey.

How to Choose?

Thus, a neck rest pillow (also known as a neck cushion), whether with polystyrene microbeads, memory foam or inflatable plastic, this must be sufficiently thick and ergonomic to ensure optimal head and neck support without pain or excessive flexion of the cervical muscles.

If you manage to combine all these ingredients, then it will mean that you have found a good product for your very own neck that will allow you to rest and sleep more easily in your plane, in a train or even in a car

The term travel pillow actually includes several types of equipment. Depending on the needs of each traveller, manufacturers have designed several types of cervical cushions more or less comfortable and more or less ergonomic.

Inflatable Travel Pillow

This is a model that is everywhere, cheap and easy to carry, it does not take much space when it’s deflated, it’s a good buy should you like it anyway.

Some of The Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow Features:

• Easily inflatable
• Several possibilities of connection to seats
• The possibility of being tied to the bag when it is inflated
• Can be used by the traveller (in a shoulder bag)
• It can be ventilated and rolled in a compact form

One end of the pillow has a cord with a lever, and the opposite end of the pillow forms a loop that can snap into place. If you place the cord from the top of the pillow through the loop and close it at the bottom, you have the option of using the easy life pillow.

You can also place the inflated cushion in a handbag. I think it’s easier to empty, roll and put in a bag and inflate the pillow when you’re in your seat.

As a person who sleeps sideways, I really appreciate the possibility of putting my face against a pillow without feeling it fall from my shoulder. The cord and lever great function, combined with the loop on the bottom of the pillow, allows you to fix it to yourself or to the headrest of an airplane or car.

I also love this wonderful feature because the pillow could stay in place to be able to rest against it without falling and waking me up.

I actually found this travel neck pillow comfortable in the passenger seat of my car and in the high-backed chair. I liked that the pillow was long and I could hug it and even hug the stuff somehow. I realize that it sounds weird, but it was very comfortable!


• It inflates easily and also easy to deflate.
• Softcover made of synthetic fabric.
• Lightweight for fast packaging
• Can be used in various adjustable positions
• It can be used or put on alone


• Hand wash and even line dry only

Who Exactly Should Use A Travel Pillow?

Whether you want to travel by plane, car or maybe train; a travel pillow helps prevent back or neck pain during the trip. It’s therefore very important to have one, but not just any. Indeed, the choice of this product requires the consideration of certain determining criteria. This would save you from investing in a poor-quality travel cushion or pillow that does not fit your needs.

To Buy A Travel Neck Pillow

When you want to buy a travel pillow, you must first consider your comfort. You must actually put forward your wellbeing. And that being the case, you can, if your means allow you, opt for the model with a form memory.

However, not all memory foam cushions available on the market are of good quality. It will then be necessary to take into account the selection criteria to make the right choice. In any case, the most important feature that you really need to watch is density.

A travel pillow can see its price evolve according to the characteristics it incorporates. Quite often, prices range from about £10 for entry-level models. But, if you want to buy a high-end travel pillow that offers maximum comfort, such as the Travelrest ultimate travel pillow you can expect around £18, at least.

So, it’s important to use your budget to buy the pillow that suits you best. While a user invests a large sum to acquire a product, another can invest a small amount, just make a good choice.

The Conclusion of Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow Review

Want to sleep comfortably on your next trip and wake up at your destination relaxed and fresh? The Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow will do the magic for you; it can be used in many ways and is the only one on the market that supports the entire upper body. This Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow can be attached to your seat. Thus, it will not move inappropriately and can be deflated as well as rolled into small shape.



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