Luxury Neck Pillow by Martian Review

This luxury neck pillow by Martian is actually new to the travel pillow industry, it combines the softness of the crushed memory foam with an ergonomic neck shape to ensure a comfortable tour, be it by plane, train or maybe a car. The Luxury Neck Pillow is solid often hard and tight behind your neck to be really comfortable.

Luxury Bamboo Pillow With Shredded Memory Foam (Martian Dreams) - Adjustable Loft - Orthopedic Pillow for Neck Pain - Hypoallergenic - made with 280gsm fabric for a Superior Feel

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The nature of the crushed memory foam makes the Luxury Neck Pillow by Martian pillow much softer and yet retains the support properties of massive memory foam. This means you can get some sleep while travelling. The very special grey colour fabric also has some amazing features. It’s actually made of bamboo fibres and, therefore, is an extremely sustainable, odour inhibitor and hypoallergenic.


Why the Travel Neck Pillow?

The cushion is generally in the form of a U. Placed around the neck, it serves to wrap the neck, support the cervical, or even prevent the head to fall forward when sleeping. It’s for all those looking for better comfort when travelling over long distances. It is especially recommended for pregnant women and people with back problems.

For long trips by bus or plane, really, it is not the fun in it to get one! For me, when I know that I am going to chained several long flights or long bus trips, I take a travel pillow with me. I will sleep more easily and on arrival, I would be less tired

How to Choose A Travel Neck Pillow?

We strongly advise against buying some pillows. Although they have the right shape but the foams used have certainly not the same quality and support as a high-quality neck pillow.

As a guideline, you should plan for about £16 to £40 for a great neck travel pillow, some pillows could be cheaper, and then, the good neck pillows are also a bit more expensive, reasonably priced options like the SNUGL Travel Pillow are good value for money

Unfortunately, lately, more and more neck pillows of poor quality have come onto the market. These pillows are produced super cheap in some countries and then imported to us. These pillows can usually be recognized by insanely exaggerated health promises.

Furthermore, you can pay attention to whether it’s specified where the pillow was produced because pillow manufacturers who produce in Europe indicate that in most cases, cheap products do it rarely.

We have summarized the functions and benefits of neck support pillows in points below:

1. Neck position the neck support pillow should store the cervical spine in a horizontal position. Many people sleep with too much head position. This causes painful tension. So-called cervical cushions reverse this sleep habit and provide relaxed muscles. Provided it has been chosen appropriately for the individual body factors!
2. Neck pillows usually consist of a very strong foam or similar material. They have the memory effect and thus remember their original shape as soon as the load subsides. A shaking or frequent squeezing therefore deleted.
3. Neck pillows are specially designed for side sleepers and/or back sleepers. They usually have a wavy shape to compensate for the height differences between the head, neck, and shoulders. But there are also solutions that look just like conventional pillows, but just more compact.
4. Through various materials, neck support pillows can be suitable for allergy sufferers thanks to its compact design, an orthopaedic cervical pillow can be used in your own bed, travelling, in the car, on the train or on the plane.

• Great back support
• Washable cover
• Trustworthy company
• Because of its thickness, it can be adjusted

• Some say it’s pleasant to use but quite heavy

Who Can Buy and Use the Travel Neck Pillow?

People who are not used to long journeys cannot be too much advised to buy a travel cushion if they plan to do one. This unusual accessory can indeed make them avoid back and neck pain, whether by car, plane or train. Some travel pillows such as the luxury travel pillow also have a special ergonomic shape or additional headrest to minimize the risk of neck pain and tension.

Neck pillows have the advantage that they stabilize the neck and support the head during sleep (e.g. when travelling by plane or train). The head cannot bend and pain in the neck and tension or the famous stiff neck is prevented. A good neck pillow thus prevents neck pain and the often-associated headache!

How Long Does A Neck Support Pillow Last?

Our body sweats several litres per night and loses lots of dead skin. They collect in a neck pillow just like any other pillow. When buying a neck support pillow, make sure it has a washable cover, which will increase its lifespan for quite a while.

A neck pillow has reached its zenith after about 3 to 4 years, then the material is exhausted and the pillow should be replaced by a new neck pillow.

How Much Is A Neck Pillow?

A good neck pillow does not have to be expensive. Starting at £16, you get cushions that offer high-quality material and support your neck very well at night. If you are already suffering from neck pain and want to get relief with a neck pillow, then you should definitely stay away from £10 supermarket neck pillows, these will never meet your needs.

It’s better to get the travel pillow, such as the Luxury Neck Pillow by Martian that can help you, they are more expensive neck support travel out, and this will go a long way to meet your travel needs.

The Conclusion of Luxury Neck Pillow by Martian Review

Neck pillows are a great way to bring your body and especially your neck the relaxation it needs. Anyone who reaches for the Luxury Neck Pillow by Martian lays the foundation for a restful and healthy sleep. The shape and the option to use foam with memory make this pillow comfortable for people with long or short necks. The high elasticity of the neck pillows together with their firm shape form the ideal support for the head and spine.

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