Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands, the ultimate getaway

Endless white sandy beaches, resorts, hotels, old houses and sublime scuba diving is everything a fantastic holiday should encompass. From the stretches of Seven Mile Beach to the world famous shipwrecks, everyone will find something that will take their breath away on a trip to the Cayman Islands.

Take a tour of Pedro St James National Historic site, which is said to be the birthplace of Cayman democracy. Or go on a submarine to venture into the blue abyss. Little Cayman will provide the avid fisherman and diver with hours of vacation fun. Cayman Brac will send you on an adventure with dive sites that will amaze you at every feature. The East End will keep you relaxed with its secluded beaches. Then there is Camana Bay where you can shop for family and friends back at home, eat delicious delicacies and take in the views from the Observation tower.

It’s all waiting for you. Go and explore, have a dream holiday in the beautiful Cayman Islands.

Things to do in The Caymans

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park 

Don’t just spend an hour or two here, make it a whole day trip. Stroll around the garden and take in the stunning views. The botanic park is also host to the Cayman Blue Iguana. Stop off at the Floral Garden which is filled with colour and lush grass lawns. When you walk through the Red Garden, you will be shaded by trees – it will almost be like walking through a rain forest. Sit beside the lake and watch birds hunt for fish. The lake is also a great place to take photographs and do some birdwatching. Don’t miss the annual Orchid Show, where Cayman Islands orchids, as well as imported Orchids, are on display.


No, there is no fire, but rather a large area of limestone formations. The formations here were formed from salt and lime deposits. Today, the area sprawls with tourists. You cannot walk among the rock formations, however, there are platforms to walk along. Ever wanted to send a postcard from Hell? Here is your chance. The local post office will be glad to help.

Cayman Island Turtle Farm

Get your chance to swim in a lagoon filled with turtles and marine life. At the farm, you will encounter Green Sea Turtles and during the breeding season, you may spot some turtle eggs. At the Turtle Touch Tank, pick up one of the majestic shell creatures for a photograph. Cayman Island Turtle Farm is also a place of research and conservation and a popular attraction in the Cayman Islands. It’s not all about turtles when you visit, you can also attend a hand-feeding show where you will learn about birds. To escape the heat, take a dip in the Breaker’s Lagoon – the largest pool on the island. The pool has its own waterfall and a viewing tank to view predators of the sea at Predator Reef. Add this item on your itinerary and don’t miss out.

Atlantis Submarines:

Tour the ocean without putting on scuba gear or getting wet – take to a submarine. Get up close to turtles and tropical fish, even shipwrecks. There is a day option and a night option for a real different experience.

Seven Mile Beach:

Turquoise waters like you have never seen them before. This is a Caribbean paradise to the maximum. Lined with coconut palms, this well-maintained beach is a stop-off for cruise ships and vendors who sell their items to tourist. Several resorts and hotels line the white sand. Find your spot under a palm, sip on a cocktail and relax.


The capital of Cayman Islands is abuzz with activity. Whether it’s cruise ship passengers coming aboard the shore to frequent shops and restaurants and walk around town or the jet-setters who come to Georgetown to get away from busy schedules. While you are here, visit the Cayman Islands National Museum which houses historic exhibits. The museum holds presentations as well as a visual theatre. Children will enjoy the hands-on activities.

There is beauty at great depths – divers be inspired

The Cayman Islands is one of the best dive locations in the Caribbean. Divers will be impressed by the tunnels, shipwrecks, coral and caverns. The visibility underwater at this location is just about infinite. But if there really has to be numbers put to it, visibility is about 18 to 30 metres. Get to see stingrays and turtles, barracuda, eels and other exotic fish.

Head to Stingray City at Grand Cayman where you will be surrounded by magnificent stingrays hopping for a feed. Bring along your underwater camera to capture your diving memories and not to mention the brilliant fish! You will be amazed at how tame the rays are. Stingray City is the ideal spot for children and adults to snorkel, so it’s great for a family outing. A dive trip is not complete without to this dive site where you interact with stingrays in their natural habitat.

Another top dive site is Bloody Bay Wall at Little Cayman. Sea life thrives at this location due to it being situated in the Bloody Bay Marine Park. There is superb visibility and fish aplenty. Be in awe when you explore the famous wall which is an underwater cliff face that stretches over 1,800 metres into the deep depths of the sea. Gaps in the wall are inhabited by an abundance of marine life. Spot lobster, turtles, reef sharks and even a seahorse if you are lucky when you dive the Bloody Bay Wall.

Shipwreck divers get a thrill when you dive the USS Kittiwake. Experienced divers, venture into the rooms of the interior of this former Navy ship, now an artificial reef. Unexperienced divers, explore the ship’s exterior and take a photograph or two. The ship is 19 metres below the waterline and is completely upright. The upper deck is quite close to the surface, so snorkel enthusiasts can enjoy the wreck as well. This incredible dive site is open for day and night dives.

Don’t forget to dive Captain Keith Tibbetts at Cayman Brac. This Russian vessel was sunk in 1996 and offers great diving pleasure. There is a variety of marine life at the wreck and you can even take photographs at the ship’s guns.

Wait, there’s more. Dive the very impressive site of Babylon. This is another wall dive where beginner divers can enjoy the sandy flats on the top of the wall, while those more daring and experienced divers can plunge into the deep blue to witness great scenery – black coral, barrel sponges and parrot fish.

There is something for all levels of divers at Cayman Islands. Hurry up and get your gear on because diving is good here all year round.

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