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Saint Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, Rome

St Peter’s Basilica – Vatican City

If you are in Rome, then you should definitely stop in at St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. This is not just only the largest Christian church, but also the seat of the pope. No church comes close to this all magnificent building, which also houses some amazing artwork collected over the centuries. The papal enclave is within the city of Rome, Italy. If you feel like a bite of relaxation, take a guided tour of the Vatican Gardens. These gardens have been a place where popes have come to meditate since 1279. The tour today is very different from the...
Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

Ciao, Roma! With the status of a global city and having been ranked 14th most visited city in the world in 2014 with an average of 8.6 million tourists, it is difficult to not want to visit this masterpiece of a city. From the breath-taking beauty of its architectural monuments, to majestic archaeological finds and artistic wonders, Rome is a piece of Italian magic waiting to be explored. If Rome wasn’t built in a day, then neither should the time spent there be as short. It is recommended that if one is on a limited time budget about five...

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